Grant Morrison’s Heavy Metal: “A Peak of Creativity for Me”

Heavy Metal 282 Grant Morrison
Heavy Metal 282 Grant Morrison
Image of Grant Morrison courtesy grantmorrison.com. Background: Threadless cover design contest winner’s Rob Shields’ “I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler”

A few days ago, Heavy Metal editor-in-chief Grant Morrison chatted with our friends at io9. He shared his thoughts on the current issue and the overall experience of putting his stamp on this nearly 30-year old comics institution.

The entire interview is worth reading; here are a few choice comments from the man himself:

On his own contributions to Heavy Metal:

“I’m loving being able to write different kinds of stories—science fiction one, funny ones, horror ones—which has been quite a peak of creativity for me after dealing with specific cultural icons like Superman and Batman.”

On the process of selecting material for Heavy Metal with Kristan Morrison, his wife:

“We split a bottle of champagne, look through the submissions, and decide which ones we like. … The whole thing’s all actually quite fun and usually just an afternoon’s drinking.”

On “Industria,” his story in the current issue:

“The notion I had was that it’d be really fun to do a science fiction comic book version of the Kardashians, like those reality shows on E! … [M]y wife Kristan has been involved in a bunch of music festivals and having a busy time. I thought wouldn’t it be fun if I took her life and then used as the basis for a super-reality show?”

Morrison also covers the demise of his blue-jean-wearing Superman from New 52, virtual reality, and his work with SyFy on an adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Visit io9 to read the whole thing.

Heavy Metal 282, the Sci-Fi issue, is currently available at Barnes & Noble, Books-A Million, local comics shops, and through the Heavy Metal online store.

One thought on “Grant Morrison’s Heavy Metal: “A Peak of Creativity for Me”

  1. If I am reading this right then I believe Grant Morrison wants to do something with Heavy Metal that needed to be done a long time ago.
    Back in the ’70s I really liked Heavy Metal, especially the artwork, and it became the first “comic book” I ever subscribed to. But as time went on I became frustrated with the stories. If there was an ending at all you had to buy the special and I couldn’t always find it.
    A few years ago I was fed up and disgusted and dropped my subscription. Please, Grant, tell me there will be real stories with real endings and not this European stuff that stops 3/4 of the way through. I want an AMERICAN adult comic (?) book.

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