Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!
Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!

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Watch: Wildfire Smoke Causes ‘Blade Runner: San Francisco’

On Wednesday, San Francisco residents woke up to an orange sky. The eerie orange hue was created by smoke from the wildfires burning in the west, and recalled the strange atmosphere of Blade Runner 2049. YouTuber TerryTheThunder added the movie’s soundtrack to drone footage shot by DoctorSbaitso and here’s what that looks like: In the […]

Peter Diamond’s Art: Head Trips And Ancient Tales

Peter Diamond is a Canadian illustrator based in Vienna, Austria, who has grabbed our attention with some very cool Arthurian-legend art, as well as a mind-blowing depiction of psychedelic experience.

Fire and Ice: Concepts and Frames from The Frazetta-Bakshi Team-up

A few of our favorite things converged in Fire and Ice: feature-length animation, the storytelling of Ralph Bakshi, and the visuals of Frank Frazetta. Released on August 26, 1983, Fire and Ice jumped on the barbarian-movie bandwagon that had found box-office success with the 1982 releases Conan the Barbarian and Beastmaster. Fire and Ice wasn’t […]



From The Magazine

The Richard Corben Interview (Heavy Metal, August 1981)

Richard Corben, writer/artist who created 'Den,' spoke with Brad Balfour for the August 1981 issue of Heavy Metal magazine.

Heavy Metal ’77: First Issues Walk-Through

What was it like to flip through Heavy Metal issues 1-4? Two fans try to recreate the experience.

Enki Bilal: The 1980 Heavy Metal Interview

Enki Bilal has been a Heavy Metal contributor from the beginning, placing the first of his many stories in our July 1977 issue. We serialized his multi-part stories Julia & Roem and The Color of Air within the last few years. Bilal spoke with Heavy Metal interviewer Diana K. Bletter for our July 1980 issue. […]

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