Sergio Toppi’s ‘Universal Tarot:’ A Lost (Or Rare) Masterwork

The late Sergio Toppi might be the greatest Italian illustrator you’ve never heard of. His depictions of knights, samurai and Native Americans never quite made it into the U.S. market — in contrast to his countrymen like Milo Manara, Paulo Eleuteri Serpieri, Tanino Liberatore, and Massimiliano Frezzato. It’s no coincidence that those artists have been […]

Check Out Jamie Hewlett’s Spectacular Tarot Cards

Artist Jamie Hewlett, most famous as the co-creator of Tank Girl and the visual force behind Gorillaz, has an exhibit opening November 19 at Saatchi Gallery in London. Called “The Suggestionists,” it’s a combination of three seemingly unrelated Hewlett series: a tarot deck; a collection of fictional grindhouse/exploitation movie posters called “Honey”; and “Pines,” detailed […]