Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!
Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!

Joe Badon Depicts Taarna From The Heavy Metal Movie!

Illustrator and animator Joe Badon is the latest intrepid artist to try his hand at rendering Taarna the Taarakian and her trusty pteranodon-like steed. The character dates from the 1981 Heavy Metal movie (and was inspired by Moebius’ pteranodon-riding protagonist) and over the years has become a mascot for Heavy Metal, finally getting her own […]

Attn. Collectors!: Taarna And Nelson Action Figures From ‘Heavy Metal’ (1981)

Taarna the Taarakian and Nelson the B-17 Tailgunner action figures, designed by FigBiz based on characters from the 1981 movie Heavy Metal, are available now at Incendium — they’ve got the full-color regular figures plus limited quantities of some convention exclusives, while they last. You’ll find them all in the Heavy Metal action figure category […]

Behold, the Heavy Metal Cover Contest Winner!

We have a winner, folks: Patrick Reilly’s “Taarna Returns” has taken top honors in the first-ever Heavy Metal Cover Contest, a joint production with Threadless.com. The announcement took place during San Diego Comic Con, where t-shirts bearing Reilly’s art and that of two runners-up were on sale. The contest was a roaring success, receiving over […]

Taarna Lives! Julianne Tura Recreates Heavy Metal’s Iconic Heroine

In 1981, a swashbuckling valkyrie astride a pterodacto-chicken descended upon cinemas all over the world, and (non-kiddie) animated films have never been the same since. Her name is Taarna, the alluring and fearless heroine of Heavy Metal, the movie, and in many ways the embodiment of what Heavy Metal is all about. (By the way, […]