Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!
Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!

Hannah Yata’s Natural Symbolism: Who Are These Masked Women? [15 Images]

In many of Hannah Yata’s oil paintings, humanoid figures with tribal body paint and fearsome masks look back at us as if we’ve disturbed their communion with nature. We get the distinct feeling we are witnessing something beyond our understanding, even taboo — like tourists wandering into a Hopi ceremony, we are unwelcome voyeurs. What […]

Heavy Metal Approved! Dig beinArt Collective’s Art and Support if You Can!

Bodies melting and fusing together, limbs where they don’t belong, creepy faces, skulls and skeletons, centipedes made from babydolls—these are just a few of the sights you’ll see at the beinArt Collective Gallery, an online compendium of figurative surrealist art headed by Jon Beinart. The beinArt Collective Gallery has spawned a publishing arm and has […]

Hey, Mr. Spaceman: Artist Tom Colbie’s Astronaut Obsession [10 Pictures]

If there is such thing as an astronaut fetish, Tom Colbie has it. Visit his Facebook page, his Tumblr blog, his WordPress blog, you’ll see nothing but surreal images of astronauts in strange places. Astronauts in history. Astronauts interacting with fictional characters. Celebrity astronauts. Astronauts who are actually animals. Astronaut artists. Sheesh, NASA doesn’t have […]

20 Amazing New Examples of Good Old Surrealism

You’ve been there — you took an art history class in college or high school. And when you looked at that Dali, that Magritte, that di Chirico, it connected with you—as did the Steranko, the Gaiman/McKean, certain mid-70s Kirby. Surrealism is fun to look at—whether you actually get all the ideas it’s supposedly mashing together […]