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A Harryhausen Skeleton in the 21st Century: Stop-Motion ‘Rebooted’

The stop-motion animated skeletons of Ray Harryhausen will always hold a place in our hearts — though it’s unlikely we’d ever see them again in a major fantasy or adventure movie. With the realism offered by CGI, stop-motion really only persists in comedy or kids’ programming — Robot Chicken, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Nick Park stuff. […]

Watch the Short Horror Film “John the Carpenter”, an Homage That Isn’t a Ripoff

From its title, you know a lot about “John the Carpenter” before seeing a single frame. Yes, it’s an homage to director John Carpenter, and a very good one at that. The music is probably its strength; Jared Dymbort (who plays John) has completely nailed that ominous, insistent synth sound that Carpenter (who composes his […]

KUNG FURY: Kickstarter Flick Kicks the ’80s’ Ass

While we all know that Kickstarter has more than its share of dud projects – this is one that came to fruition that you’ve gotta see – whether you’re old enough to recall the excesses of the ’80s or just want to experience some insane indy filmmaking at its mondo bizarro finest! Created with a […]

60 Seconds of Whaaaat?: Haunting Short “And Then I Vanish”

Here’s a fairly amazing video that creator Cornel Swoboda calls a “surreal motion poem.” And Then I Vanish from cornel on Vimeo. Some stills from Swoboda’s Behance.net page: Some that weren’t used: