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Lesbian Vampires Totally Suck in New Huntress Music Video

Our favorite music video director Phil Mucci is back, this time paying tribute to ’70s Euro-horror in the clip for “Sorrow” by Huntress. Jess Franco’s Vampyros Lesbos is the obvious inspiration; at the 1:12 mark the text “La Maledizione della Vampira Lesbica” pops up, which translates to “The Curse of the Lesbian Vampire.” In the […]

DISTURBED Is Killing It Apocalypse Style with DIABOLIK

Phil Mucci of Diabolik Films sent over their latest music video featuring DISTURBED entitled “The Vengeful One” which is tearing up the internet and taking it to The Man. Returning after a four-year hiatus, Disturbed are back and have teamed up with Diabolik to create this pummeling vid featuring a heavy duty concept that’s sure to […]