Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!
Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!

Spotify Study Finds Metal Fans Are “Most Loyal.” Is That Good or Bad?

Spotify, that ginormous music-streaming, data-compiling beast, takes a look at its own numbers regularly and spits out some idea of what’s what—and in an interesting recent report, the word from Spotifyland is that heavy metal fans all over the world are the “most loyal.” Now, loyalty is what we call a qualitative judgment. You are […]

HELLFEST Fries France This June!

Hellfest: The European Metal Festival of 2015 Two huge main stages. A huge tent with two more stages. Another tent stage. A party stage at the campsite. A food court with so many options that you can eat something from a different country for every meal. And cold beer sold by the litre: this can […]

Chicago’s PHOSPHENE Announce New Album

PHOSPHENE’s Record Release Show will be at Brauerhouse Lombard on Saturday, APRIL 11th with some of Chicago’s BEST female fronted bands: Seldom Told, 4WITHOUT, and Genotype ! Discounted pre-sale tickets are available NOW so get your tickets early at this link before they sell out: Phosphene Record Release Show

GUITARGET PRACTICE #2: New Approaches to Playing Scales

by Sam Russell In this months’ Guitarget Practice, we are going to take a look at some different ways to play scales. We’re going to use the major scale as an example, but the ideas can be applied to any 3-note-per-string scale (and other scales with some tinkering). This will help you get some new […]