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Patton Oswalt Joins Corben/Strnad for ‘To Meet the Faces You Meet’ Movie

Richard Corben and writer Jan Strnad teamed up on a 1972 story called "To Meet the Faces You Meet" -- and now Patton Oswalt is giving it a voice in a feature-length film.

Tank Girl and Others Go Pop in Jim Mahfood’s Pop-Up Book

There’s only one Jim Mahfood — his frenetic, cacophonous and eclectic style leaps off the page. He’s pushing his aesthetic even further, into a third dimension, with his latest project. A pop-up book. Mahfood is a Heavy Metal contributor — we ran his “Carl the Cat That Makes Peanut Butter Sandwiches in… Space is the […]

‘Chrome Angel Murders,’ New From Simeon Aston, Heavy Metal Cover Artist

Simeon Aston’s detailed cyberpunk visions have appeared on the cover of Heavy Metal (issue 294, the Industrial Special) and in the pages of Megadeth: Death by Design, as well as his own Metal Made Flesh graphic novels. Now he’s teamed up with writer/filmmaker Jason Turner to produce The Chrome Angel Murders: Blood Quantum, a graphic […]

New From Josan Gonzalez: ‘The Future Is Now: Nightfall’ [16 Preview Images]

Josan Gonzalez (sometimes known as Deathburger), the artist who wowed us a few years ago with The Future Is Now, is back with a Kickstarter campaign for another chapter, The Future Is Now: Nightfall. “The night falls in Robo-City Prime. You’ve just received a message from Max Overload, he needs your help.” Here’s a video […]