Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!
Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!


Here’s some cool artwork from Jim Webb, the creator/artist/writer of the undeadly “Deviant Strain” comics that have graced our hallowed pages in issues #267 and #272! Feast your peepers on these wicked illustrations! Jim Webb bio:  Since graduating from the SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS, I’ve worked in both the animation and comic book fields. My clientele includes […]

Mark Covell: Robotic Apocalypse

Artist’s Spotlight Interview by Frank Forte Mark Covell is a fine artist who works as an assistant director/storyboard artist on the Family Guy TV Show.  Mark has recently worked as a concept designer on the feature film TED, directed by Seth MacFarlane.  Somehow Mark still finds time to realize his mechanically decayed visions on canvas […]

GALLERY: John Stroo 3D Illustration

© 2015 John Stroo. All rights reserved. BIO: I’ve been in love with comics since the 1950s. I’ve always dreamed of being a comic book artist, I’m 67 and the dream hasn’t faded.  I spent my life as a draftsman and mechanical designer drawing other people’s dreams. I’m retired now, and it’s time for me […]

Illustration by Brock Hofer

Heavy Metal is excited to bring you some bloodcurdling images from rockin’ Brock Hofer! Check out his awesome work below and hit his site for more gut-wrenching art! www.behance.net/brockhofer