Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!
Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!

Pop Tart Han Solo Should Be Well Protected. If He Survived the Frosting Process, That Is

The bummer about these hilarious Han Solo Pop Tarts is that a) they aren’t real, and b) they’re no longer available. The carbonite-enfrosted scoundrel you see in these pictures is not made of, well, whatever Pop Tarts are made of — he’s made of resin and belongs in your toy display, not in your stomach. […]

It’s Official: Han Shot First. Vintage Star Wars Scripts Settle Fake Debate

The CBC ran a story about a librarian in New Brunswick who found a shooting script for the first Star Wars movie (Episode IV: A New Hope) that had several lingering differences from the finished movie. Luke Skywalker’s last name is still “Starkiller” in this version, and the movie is referred to as “Saga I” […]