‘Golem,’ Fiction by Joshua Sky

Avi and Mo are mech pilots fighting to save the Holy Land from a terrorist group that wants to eradicate history.

Horror: “Cattle Call” by Elizabeth. J. Musgrave

One by one the girls filed into the room. Blonde. Blue-eyed. Built. C-cups. Beauty queens from small, midwestern towns who came to Hollywood in search of glamour and glitz. Hoping to be the next Lana Turner discovered in Schwab’s Drug Store. How their dear hearts would break when they found out there was no longer […]

SHORT STORY: “Worth the Having” by Michael Paul Gonzalez

How does it feel? It asks this as it cuts deep into the inner thigh, flesh and fat zippering apart, its tongue probing into the fresh wound. How are you doing? The thing wouldn’t want an answer even if there was one. It only wants screams. This is going to be worth it. You’re going […]

Short Story: “The Scythe” by Matthew Farrell

There was something peculiar about the way the man in the mask was looking at her. The fact that he was wearing a mask was okay. It was Halloween, and everyone in town had put on a costume for the big parade in the early evening and trick-or-treating later on. Some of the adults who […]