Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!
Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!

Kirby Cosplay! Marie-Claude Bourbonnais Brings Susan Storm to Life

Just ’cause we haven’t done it in awhile — let’s have some cosplay! And while we’re at it, we’ll give a nod to Jack “King” Kirby. There’s a huge event tonight more or less in his honor at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles — see this post for details: Tonight! Kirby Mania With Nerdist at […]

Jessica Nigri’s 26 Most Epic Cosplays

There’s little doubt as to who is the Queen of Cosplay — it’s Jessica Nigri. The Reno-born model, YouTuber and convention personality has 2.8 million followers on Facebook, nearly a million on Instagram, 692,000 on YouTube, and 452,000 on Twitter. Add to those numbers the fact that today, August 5, is Jessica Nigri’s birthday — […]

Pinup Captain America Wishes You a Happy 4th of July

Here’s a jolt of raw patriotism from Jaycee Cosplay. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s the 4th of July dammit! Burn a few hot dogs on the grill and hand the kids some sparklers. Because ‘Murica. See more Jaycee at facebook.com/Alissa.Jess.Cosplays and Cosplay.com.

Yoko Littner (Katyuska Moonfox) Wants to Know Whether You Like Anime

There have been a lot of changes in this world since 1977, the year Heavy Metal debuted. Our little magazine helped bring many European writers and artists—French, Italian and Spanish, primarily—to American readers. Following a different but ultimately successful path, Japanese graphic storytelling in the form of manga (comics and graphic novels, basically) and anime […]