Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!
Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!

How ‘Blade Runner’ Inspired ‘Robocop’

When a young screenwriter wandered onto the set of a Ridley Scott sci-fi noir thriller, it gave him his own idea that would see the screen six years later.

Walmart Has Made The Greatest Sci-Fi Super Bowl Ad Ever. Yes, Walmart

In a just-released 2020 Super Bowl commercial, Flash Gordon, Marvin the Martian, the USS Enterprise and many more otherworldly shoppers descend upon Walmart to pick up groceries. Worlds collide as Star Trek and Star Wars imagery appears in the same clip, Looney Tunes and Disney characters park in the same lot, and young William “Bill” […]

Blade Runner Sequel Director: Fans “Will Walk Into the Theater With a Baseball Bat”

Denis Villeneuve, who is signed on to direct the sequel to Blade Runner, Ridley Scott’s 1982 masterpiece of dystopian sci-fi, spoke with Collider about the project. The basic question is Why are you doing this crazy thing? Villeneuve’s candid answers start with an admission: “when I heard that Ridley Scott wanted to do another movie […]

Blade Runner Sequel: Ryan Gosling Will Co-Star With Harrison Ford

Big news out of Hollywood for Blade Runner fans: The sequel to the 1982 classic of film noir sci-fi is not only a go, it’s also picked a star. According to Variety, Ryan Gosling will share the screen with Harrison Ford, who played Deckard in the original. The as-yet untitled sequel will begin shooting in […]