13-Page Preview: Heavy Metal 282, the Sci-Fi Special!

Heavy Metal 282, our Sci-Fi Special, is on its way—coming soon to your local comic book retailer, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and the HeavyMetal.com Store! This is the one you’ve been hearing so much about, featuring covers by the winners of our Threadless Cover Contest. You can see the newsstand cover and three variants above. […]

Bill Sienkiewicz Releases “Atomic Fart.” No, Really

First of all, don’t blame us. You clicked the link. Bill Sienkiewicz is one of those guys you always want to check on—for decades now, he’s been pushing the boundaries of comics art and illustration. On May 7, his latest project went live, and to date it’s been downloaded 724,300 times. It’s called H8 Society: […]