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Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!

Bernie Wrightson’s Prints and Paintings (14 Images)

Here’s another look at the work of the late Bernie Wrightson, the legendary illustrator and comics artist who died March 18, 2017. For a little more about Bernie, see our previous post on his Swamp Thing covers. Wrightson was known for his work on comics and comic magazines like Swamp Thing and Warren Publishing’s Creepy, […]

11 Classic Swamp Thing Covers by Bernie Wrightson

The late Bernie Wrightson was notable for his amazing skill as an illustrator, particularly of horror and fantasy comics. He was also a key player in Heavy Metal‘s history, holding the distinction of being the first non-European artist to score a Heavy Metal cover (it was issue #5, August 1977) and contributing greatly to the […]