Moebius Story ‘La Planete Encore’ as CGI Animation

French comics artist Moebius made many contributions to film, most significantly as a designer. We see his handiwork in Tron, Willow, The Fifth Element and other movies for which he handled concept art or visual development. But video versions of Moebius’ own stories, many of which ran in Heavy Metal are rare. In 2003, 14 […]

“Wire Cutters” Animated Short: What Fools These Robots Be

In “Wire Cutters”, an award-winning animated short made by Jack Anderson while he was a student at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. Anderson says the 8-minute film took him over 2000 hours to make. “I can’t say I knew what I was doing,” Jack told a commenter on Vimeo. Dude — […]

Philip Gelatt’s Classic Heavy Metal-Style Animated Film in the Works!

Philip Gelatt, the screenwriter on EUROPA REPORT and comic scribe for Oni Press’ Petrograd and Dark Horse’s Pariah, is currently producing a feature length, rotoscope animated, hardcore fantasy film called THE SPINE OF NIGHT. This film is very much inspired by the 1982 Heavy Metal flick and magazine itself. Philip states that Druillet was discussed […]

Trailer for Animated Film “The Prophet” Reveals Actual Animation

When we talk about an “animated children’s movie” these days, we’re usually referring to a computer-generated Pixar/DreamWorks/Blue Sky/Illumination project that looks, well, great. You can’t deny that today’s big-time animation studios do fantastic work. It’s fantastic, but to some extent homogeneously fantastic. The animated children’s film Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet, based on Gibran’s most famous […]