Who’ll Be in the New Heavy Metal? Grant Morrison Names Names

Chris Burnham Gerard Way Trent Reznor
Chris Burnham Gerard Way Trent Reznor
Morrison envisions a Heavy Metal that could feature art by Chris Burnham (left) and stories by Gerard Way (center) and Trent Reznor (right).

In an interview with Bleeding Cool, Heavy Metal‘s new editor in chief Grant Morrison shared his thoughts on the magazine and brought up some specific creators he’d like to see in its pages. Responding to a question about two artists he’s mentioned previously, Chris Burnham and Frazer Irving, Morrison said:

Burnham wants to do it, Ryan Hughes wants to do a new take, things like that. So people are already getting in touch with me, but right now it’s at the very start of the process so I’ve just started reaching out. I’ve also got a lot of fans in the music industry, and I think so many of them are into comics that it would be great to bring them and see. Gerard Way, we know Trent Reznor, things like that. It was kind of, “Who could we bring in to add a weird dimension to this, but who also comes from that world?” It’s a bit more industrial, techy, stuff.

Morrison said the attitude would be more punk rock, then said:

Steve Aylett does these weird comics, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the stuff that Steve does, but he’s an amazing novelist from Britain who’s like an underground, young guy who does amazing stuff. People like that, and Michael Kupperman from Thrizzle has got in touch and said, “Yeah I’d like to do something for Heavy Metal,” I’d love to have Michael Kupperman in there. It’s a broad span, but basically its psychedelic, that’s where I want to take it.

Check out the full interview with Grant Morrison at Bleeding Cool.

2 thoughts on “Who’ll Be in the New Heavy Metal? Grant Morrison Names Names

  1. Okay, with Kupperman, Aylett and Ryan Hughes Morrison might bring the mag back to it's former glory. I think Lando, the Brit small press cartoonist who's also done stuff for Brandon Graham's Prophet series would be a good fit, too.

  2. Berliac, Paul Pope… trying to think of others who have some edge and skill to their work that haven’t dried up over the past decades since the magazine was glorious. Would still love to see some old school Vess, Kaluta, Wrightson, Zuli… bring back some of the heroes of the day.

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