This Chilling Sci-Fi Short Might Have Been the Next ‘District 9’ (But Wasn’t)

Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley

Argentine director Federico Heller’s “Uncanny Valley” is a 2015 short film about virtual reality and video games that envisioned a terrifying application of mostly-existing technology. It’s just 8 minutes long, but its scope and relevance is such that you find yourself thinking “This should be a feature film.”

We won’t go into detail about its plot—just check it out:

UNCANNY VALLEY (2015) from 3DAR on Vimeo.

What became of “Uncanny Valley?” Well, back in 2015, Deadline reported that it was shown privately around Los Angeles and was “being shopped around as a feature film with multimedia aspects, with Independence Day: Resurgence scribe Carter Blanchard developing the feature take to show to investors.” With the buzz-cat essentially out of the bag, the short film was posted online. “Uncanny Valley” did not, as some were predicting, follow the development path of “Alive in Joburg”—the short by Neill Blomkamp that became District 9.

But director Federico Heller didn’t disappear. He has continued to work in film, and his most recent directorial effort has over 225 million views on YouTube. It’s the 2019 video for Lil Dicky’s “Earth:”

2 thoughts on “This Chilling Sci-Fi Short Might Have Been the Next ‘District 9’ (But Wasn’t)

  1. Sadly, this short comes with every platitude available in the market. Tattooed male equals violent person only repressed by its addiction to technology. Gamer equals anti-social easily manipulated automaton. Oh, and they don’t even take the time to design and rig the actual technology used to produce the virtual reality in situ (floating persons are VFX 101). I am wondering what can be so appealing to the industry about this, and the answer comes fast: it is easy to digest and offers more shortcuts than questions, more answers than troubles.


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