University of Helsinki’s Heavy Metal Course: School’s In for Summer

Jack Black in School of Rock
Heavy Metal course
Surprisingly, Dewey Finn will not be teaching the course on Heavy Metal.

Helsinki Summer School at the University of Helsinki, in Finland, is offering “Heavy Metal Music in Contemporary History and Society” in August. It’s taught by Paolo Ribaldini, an Italian Ph.D. student who was also a contestant on Finland’s The Voice. Before we go any further, enjoy Paolo doing some Rainbow-era Ronnie James Dio here:

Ribaldini’s course, as described at the Helsinki Summer School website, “explores the development of the popular music style of Heavy Metal. The primary focus will be on the history of the genre and its importance in contemporary western society. Much attention will be on Finland, where HM is particularly successful and characterises musical culture more than in other European or non-European countries.”

Here is Paolo himself inviting you to join:

In addition to “listening to a lot of good music,” students will read a bunch of books about metal. Here’s the list:

Christe, Ian. 2004. Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal, It Books.
Cope, Andrew L. 2010. Black Sabbath and the Rise of Heavy Metal Music, Ashgate.
Kahn-Harris, Keith. 2007. Extreme Metal, Berg Publishers.
Lilja, Esa. 2009. Theory and analysis of classic heavy metal harmony, IAML Finland, Helsinki.
Walser, Robert. 1993. Running with the Devil. Power, Gender, and Madness in Heavy Metal Music, University Press of New England.
Weinstein, Deena. 2000. Heavy Metal: The music and its culture, Da Capo Press.

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