This Picture Was Created in Minecraft Using 1,128,960 Blocks

Minecraft art

Minecraft art

Minecraft maniac Thorlar Thorlarian started working on this piece of Minecraft art in January; a couple of days ago he revealed the completed image. It consists of over a million Minecraft blocks and when viewed from above shows an image of Deathwing (from World of Warcraft), Kerrigan (from StarCraft) and Diablo (from Diablo). Here’s the triumphant video he posted to Youtube:

But did Thorlar really do what he claimed? Over on Reddit, when asked about his process, he replied,

“Just looking at a normal picture and using my experience in pixel arts (over 1 year of building) to try and make it look like what I want it to be. 🙂 Spritecraft is useful for beginners to Minecraft who don’t know what block looks like what, but I already know this quite well so for me it’s easy to just look at a picture and convert it in my head.”

Spritecraft is a program that converts pictures into Minecraft art. Here’s a post that makes the case that he used Spritecraft. Using Spritecraft, a person could create such a picture in a matter of minutes. Using Spritecraft to create a guide, and then placing the million-plus blocks by hand would take a lot longer, months even, and while it would be a demonstration of commitment, it wouldn’t exactly be what Thorlar calls “convert[ing] it in my head.”

The original image is a wallpaper created to promote Blizzard games—here’s a link to it on Pinterest. Click this image to open a larger .png of Thorlar’s creation:

Minecraft art

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  1. He never said he didnt use spritecraft I watched and witnessed a good portion of him placing each block by hand he had said several times he was looking at spritecraft using it as a guide.

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