Simon Stalenhag Paints No Man’s Sky!

No Mans Sky by Simon Stalenhag

No Mans Sky by Simon Stalenhag

Two of our more popular posts here at HeavyMetal.com have concerned a forthcoming space-exploration video game called No Man’s Sky and a series of science-fiction themed paintings by a Swedish artist named Simon Stalenhag.

No Man’s Sky has a bright, colorful aesthetic really unlike anything you see in outer-space video games, and Stalenhag’s paintings are done with a kinda-similar light touch. How cool would it be if Simon Stalenhag painted a scene from No Man’s Sky?

Evidently the people at Sony Playstation had this very thought, and enlisted Stalenhag to paint an image they’re offering as a No Man’s Sky wallpaper in various sizes for computer screens and mobile devices. (It is also reportedly the box art for the game, and Stalenhag was involved earlier in the project painting rough concepts.) You’ll find them on this page in Sony PlayStation’s Flickr gallery.

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