Read This 19-Page Recap Before You Get “Hoax Hunters” #1

Hoax Hunters Recap

Exciting times here at Heavy Metal—we’re just hours away from selling our first standalone comic book. Yes, Hoax Hunters #1 is now on sale—you can order your copy at the Heavy Metal store: shop.heavymetal.com.

Though it’s new to the Heavy Metal family, Hoax Hunters is an established series. It premiered in the Image Comics series Hack/Slash, then went on to get its own title with Image, which lasted 15 issues. We’re bringing you what we’re calling “Season Two” of Hoax Hunters.

Hoax Hunters centers on three reality-TV show hosts who travel the country, appearing to debunk paranormal mysteries. However, they’re actually covering up the existence of aliens, monsters and other things that go bump in the night. If you followed Hoax Hunters before, you’re in for more of a good thing, from the creative team of Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley, and Christian DiBari. If you’re new to the series, this recap will tell you what’s happened to this point. Click through the pages below to discover Hoax Hunters: The Story So Far…, which includes a 4-page preview of the new issue:

6 thoughts on “Read This 19-Page Recap Before You Get “Hoax Hunters” #1

  1. Howdy Sean –

    Pardon me if I'm being a dumb ass and am misunderstanding your question – but there's no link here – it's set up as a slideshow, so if you click on the (hard to see) arrows that appear on the right and left in the center of the image, you can "turn" the pages. Thank you very much for picking up HH #1 – we hope you dig it!


  2. Dan Berger lol–no–I'm sure I'm the dumb ass–but scanning up and down I see no arrows on the image at all. Using Torch browser. I'll try another browser. Great site though, I'm an old old fan of HM and it's great to see you guys (ahem, finally) have a site that is a "place to be" on the net rather than just an archive. Great job!

  3. That was a horrible description by me – the arrows aren't on the image. They are located at the center of the image, but they're to the right and left of the pic, not on it. Hopefully you can see them.

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