New Nekrogoblikon Video Proves They’re Still the Kings of Goblin Metal



Nekrogoblikon’s “No One Survives” was a surprise YouTube hit of 2012 thanks to a fun, re-watchable and touching (if bloody) music video. For a band that caters to goblins and goblin enthusiasts, 3.8 million views (and counting) is a pretty big number.

But that was then, this is now. What can Necrogoblikon do? If you’re thinking they need a gimmick, well, they’d seem to agree. In fact their new video finds the band, led by mascot John Goblikon (who is not a gimmick, no way) running through a bunch of gimmicky ideas, hoping to find something that will get those YouTube clicks up. Kayden Kross, who played the girl in “No One Survives,” is back to do what she can.

We don’t see any cause for concern—this video, released today, could be another big viral hit, and could sell a lot of copies of their new album, Heavy Meta (nice title), also released today. Visit facebook.com/nekrogoblikon for the latest news and the where-to-buy.

Here’s “No One Survives,” in case you need it. You probably do:

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