HELLFEST Fries France This June!

Hellfest: The European Metal Festival of 2015


Two huge main stages. A huge tent with two more stages. Another tent stage. A party stage at the campsite. A food court with so many options that you can eat something from a different country for every meal. And cold beer sold by the litre: this can only be Hellfest.

As summer is slowly (very slowly) arriving, I’ve found myself planning my time, and the most exciting part has got to be travelling from London, UK, to Clisson, France for the metallic spectacle that will be Hellfest 2015.

The bands look incredible (Judas Priest, ZZ Top, Arch Enemy and many, many more), the arena at night is lit up as if Mad Max had designed Valhalla and you get to spend a long, long weekend hanging out with your friends and making new ones in a little piece of beer fuelled Elysium.

And over 100,000 people seem to agree with me, with the festival selling out in record time this year. If you didn’t get your ticket, you’ll have to make do with listening to everyone else talk about how much fun they had, and then make sure you’re on the ball next year when the tickets are released!

– Sam Russell

Official Hellfest 2014 After Film by hellfestchannel

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