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Integrating Your Scale Runs and Sweep Picking Arpeggios

Being able to shred scales is pretty cool… and so is being able to smash through arpeggios. But can you switch between the two? Do you understand how your scales and arpeggio shapes fit together properly? This exercise is going to help give you an understanding about how arpeggios and scales fit together, and will also help your technique in being able to smoothly transition from scales to arpeggios.

There are two parts to the exercise, the first is an etude to learn, that will train your hands as we outline above. The second thing that I would like you to do is to go through the etude again, and label which scale positions and which arpeggios you are playing – for example, is the scale run using the Aeolian position? Or is the arpeggio that you are playing a D major arpeggio? I’ve included a tablature at the end with all the answers on it… but try and do it yourself first without cheating 😉

Here we go!

Figure 1:

Figure 1

Figure 2:

Figure 2

Figure 3:

Figure 3

So next, go through this and work out which positions and arpeggios are being used.

Here are the answers below, I hope you actually went through and labeled them yourself!

Figure 4:

Figure 4

Figure 5:

Figure 5Figure 6

If you want to learn more about the modes and scales, how they fit together and the theory behind how they work, you can check out my free ebook at www.samrussell.co.uk/ebook



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