More Madness From the beinArt Crew! (48 Hours Left to Support)

Santiago Caruso
Santiago Caruso
“Wunderkammer” (detail) by Santiago Caruso

Just a couple days ago we brought you some works from the beinArt Collective, figurative surrealist artists who congregate online at beinArt. BeinArt is currently in a Kickstarter fundraising drive that will end in two days.

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BeinArt also has a gallery in the next issue of Heavy Metal. Check out these examples of the beinArt Collective style:

Chris Peters
“I Do” by Chris Peters
Chet Zar
“Softspot” by Chet Zar
Casey Weldon
“Bright Eyes” by Casey Weldon
Ben Howe
“Alignment” by Ben Howe
John Beinart
“Toddlerpede” by John Beinart
Kris Kuksi
“Triumph and Capricorn Rising” by Kris Kuksi
Marco Mazzoni
Drawing by Marco Mazzoni
Nicola Verlato
“Mothers” by Nicola Verlato
Peter Gric
“Gynoid” by Peter Gric
Redd Walitzki
“Die Wilde Jagd” by Redd Walitzki
Santiago Caruso
“Wunderkammer” by Santiago Caruso
Scott Brooks
“Foodface” by Scott Brooks

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