Listen to Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ by Young All-Girl Band From Mexico

The Warning is made up of three sisters from Monterrey, Mexico: 14-year-old Daniela on guitar and lead vocals, 12-year-old Paulina on drums, and 9-year-old Alejandra on bass. They’re trying to raise money to attend the Berklee College of Music summer program.

UPDATE: “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by The Warning—3 Twisted Sisters, 3 Weeks of Ass-Kickin’!

Their website is thewarningband.com. And they rock pretty hard on Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”—don’t say we didn’t warn you. (Get it, The Warning? So we “warned” you? Oh never mind, just listen):

They’re also trying to get on Ellen Degeneres’ show—you can e-mail Ellen here about that.

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Published on: March 28, 2015

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130 Responses to Listen to Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ by Young All-Girl Band From Mexico

  1. Gorce Garcia says:

    Coool!! Waaay cooler than I expected! The drummer is just… woo hooo!! guitars were great too!! Listen to that solo! hahaha amazing… The drummer though! Wooah

  2. Love that drumer!! (y)

  3. The drummer plays better than Ulrich

  4. Leo Peel says:

    I am a musician Myself Id do anything for a cuty like that to drum in my band. 18+

  5. Steven Banks says:

    That was great!! Could not hear the bass guitar though 🙁 They need to fix that.

  6. Joe Bertelle says:

    U gals are good keep it up ROCK ON

  7. Liza Dansky says:

    Go go go girls you rock !!!!

  8. Bravo. Ça groove en masse. Le rythme est très bon (Paulina).

  9. Igor Peposki says:

    Vistinska zamena za Metallica, a posebno za Lars Ulrih i Kirk Hamet

  10. Aimee Fulton says:

    I posted this page to Metallica's FB page, maybe they'll take a listen 🙂

  11. Steve Powell says:

    The drummer is really good.

  12. I'm not even a fan of Metallica but these girls ROCK!

  13. Scott Hill says:

    Paul-i-na! Paul-i-na! Paul-i-na!

  14. Jesse Lamas says:

    Fucking sick Mexico always had love for Metallica and metal in general girls gave me chills digging dis !!!!

  15. John Smith says:

    At first, I was going to make a crack about how the bass player isn't much bigger than her instrument… Then I watched the other videos… Them some talented young ladies. …and yeah, the drummer kicks ass.

  16. Chase Erwin says:

    Fucking creepy, dude.

  17. I like it. I hope they get the money they have a good future.

  18. These girls rocked it very impressive wtg girls I hope you get your scholarship's

  19. Ryan Boam says:

    12-year-old Paulina is already a better drummer (and unquestionably a better person all around) than Lars Ulrich.

  20. What we need is more rock and rollers like this! I wish this group the best of luck.'inhope this clip goes viral!

  21. Dan Bork says:

    Or they will just sue them..

  22. Ajoutons que Alejandra, en plus d'être parfaitement craquante, est vraiment bonne. Pendant le solo, elle assure sans broncher à la basse.

  23. Alex Rimbey says:

    Dan Bork For what?

  24. Sheng Ho says:

    They play like a girl!

  25. Sheng Ho says:

    Alex Rimbey for playing their song better than them! lol

  26. Dan Bork says:

    Have you ever heard of napster?

  27. Sheng Ho says:

    I can only say it was awesome.

  28. Dan Bork says:

    alex do you remember metaica, napster, around 2000?

  29. Scott Shiff says:

    Somebody call Mariano Rivera 😉 wow that was a great rendition they should be very proud.

  30. Georgia Metz says:

    you don't need to go to berklee

  31. Sean Brady says:

    Not bad, timing was a little off but they pulled it off great

  32. WOW!!! Those little girls ROCKED!!!!

  33. Truly Bad Ass!!! m/-_-m/

  34. Ron Miskin says:

    Seriously impressed, will be contributing and really hope Metallica takes notice… it really would be cool if they supported them.

  35. Troy Michael says:

    She's a better drummer than Lars and probably taller too

  36. SIK!!! Way to cover a song LADIES!!!!!!…….

  37. Julie Parker says:

    They are awesome!!! Wow!

  38. Bond Benton says:

    Watch out! We got a badass over here!

  39. They did an amazing job on the song, especially considering their ages.

  40. Rachel Ortiz says:

    All I can say is wow! They are amazing, Paulina kills on the drums!

  41. Wow!!!! They were amazing! That was awesome!

  42. Wow they sound better than original song…like old black sabbath affect…very nice

  43. Dan Bork Established bands like Metallica should and ought to be encouraging and promoting this. On the other hand they may sue them for being as good as them. Plus these can only get better haha 🙂

  44. Alex Rimbey says:

    Napster isn't relevant here

  45. Gen Herndon says:

    Dan Bork So then I guess every cover band around should be sued then right?

  46. Papa Bugg says:

    Alex Rimbey I think it was a joke because Metallica takes anyone to court and cries about everything

  47. You're not getting (and therefore ruining the joke, Alex.) Metallica probably won't sue them, but the thought it funny. I got you @Dan Bork

  48. Theses young ladies rock, hope all their dreams come true

  49. You dont have to rely on Metallica nor Ellen for recognition. Keep doin covers. Some1 will respond. You guys ROCK!!!

  50. Norma David says:

    I was impressed, that was one of my favorite songs. They did a good job!!

  51. Always have to have a Debbie Downer, they were awesome

  52. Lisa Ellis says:

    These girls are amazing is all I can say they will go far

  53. Rudy Webb says:

    Metallica is only after money. I wish the three talented ladies the best of luck.

  54. Laura K. Lu says:

    Everyone that liked Dans comment are IDIOTS!

  55. you girls were so very awesome.. I love the sound of the drums. sharing widely

  56. Rob Carlos says:

    They are so great! Alas, I think Ellen is too limited by her production company to bring them on. She seems to go for the 'look how cute we are, dancing around or performing" kids, and not so much the ones who are 105% badass. Too bad – I'd tune in just to see this band.

  57. Miguel Ayala says:

    Good band definitely pay to see them

  58. Matt Gunn says:

    Dan Bork its funny cause it's true.

  59. Paul O'Neil says:

    Pauline on the drums is off the charts good. If Daniela's vocals matched her amazing guitar skills this family trio would have agents flying down to mexico by the plane load. Don't need college when you have that kind of talent.

  60. Yea I hope Metallica doesn't hear it, they'll probably sue for copyright infringement. Lol

  61. Papa Bugg says:

    What ever, Metallica became a bunch of whinny bitches now. Trying to hard to stay all "metal"……. What dan said was BINGO!!!!!

  62. Laura K. Lu says:

    OH! I didnt know it was a joke and now I'm not allow me to delete my comment. OOPSIE! hahaha!!!

  63. Sue them for likeing and playing their music? They should feel honored!!!! You go girls……

  64. Lori Beltran says:

    They are so good!!! Great in fact!!!

  65. John DeDreu says:

    WOW they are great

  66. The lonely boys need to see these young girls play

  67. Marco Lopez says:

    But they are CUTE and they are PERFORMING! Ellen is Pro-LGBT, a group that fights against all odds, these young girls are also in a way fighting against many odds. This is a win win situation for Ellen DeGeneres

  68. this is horrible, and b4 I get any criticism, I'm entitled to my opinion as you are yours…. if they can't take the heat, stay off the net! 🙂

  69. This is an insult, as a fan of metallica am i supposed to like this??? The only one in rythem and is worth talkin about is the chick on drums, but i wudnt say she kicked lars's ass. Girl wasnt even close on the guitar solo, and the chick on base isnt doing anything for almost all the song

  70. They'll probably be sued for copyright infringement:)

  71. Dude, that drummer kicks ass!!

  72. for her age – you gotta give her credit for playing – did lars play that well at same age?

  73. Why would you want them to go to Berklee?…..they are playing rock lol. Unless they really know their jazz or classical, they would just be better of playing gigs.

  74. Jesse Villa says:

    Music Sounds Good, But Singing Part Needs Work… The Guitar Player Sounds Good But The Drummer Really Sounds Good…

  75. Great just speechless

  76. Leo Peel says:

    I wouldnt have bothered unless she was the most talented female i have ever seen. I can wait 8 years. I just wanna respect the fact I think im in love with her drumming.

  77. Leo Peel says:

    i use my real name.Look me up if you have a problem with my comments.

  78. Mettalica should be flattered that three young children like them took the time and patience to learn their song,they could've done anyone else music,cause they rock like that.excellent ladies

  79. Sign,congaray,professional musician


  81. They can definitely play

  82. *Raising my daughter goals*

  83. Chris Stuart says:

    Lars called, you girls owe him money. Good job ladies.

  84. Somewhere, Lars Ulrich is calling his lawyer.

  85. Coco Garcia says:

    they are 9,11 and what 14, come on now lol wtf did you expect…

  86. David Jacoby says:

    These sisters rock the awesomeness.

  87. Dam thay are VERY GOOG

  88. Erin K Martz says:

    Seriously, these girls are kick ass!

  89. Love to see new generations embracing metal.

  90. Amazing that was absolutely incredible musicianship all around!…., I'm stoked watching this!!!!

  91. awesome these girls can rock out especially the girl on the drums

  92. Wow. Nicely done girls !!

  93. These girls have talent someone give them a chance plz

  94. What can you say? Their awesome! 🙂

  95. These girls are gifted with talent! WOW!

  96. Rob Billeaud says:

    This is really excellent, although I can't help but comment that you can usually tell when a singer is not a native English speaker even if you don't know where the band is from, it sounds off somehow. Even Klaus Meine of The Scorpions – and I love me some Scorpions – sounded that way. But hey nothing wrong with that. Would be cool to hear a song in Spanish too.

  97. David Stone says:

    The only thing that was good was the drums… Vox were ok but didnt fit the style.

  98. Rock on! We are impressed and will keep track of the band.

  99. Scott Singleton says:

    Well it’s almost 2 years later, yes they went on Ellen, yes they went to school. Realesed a ep and full LP really soon. The growth in those years is amazing. Just check YouTube.

  100. Francisco Granados says:

    They released their album XXI Century Blood on March 17… The songs were written by the 3 girls and is very impressive the maturity and concept on it. You should give a try and enjoy a great test of fresh new music with these talented girls… You can find it on every digital platform… Or on the band site…

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