Ladybaby’s Death Metal/J-Pop Is Your Daily Dose of WTF

This still features one of the video’s less nonsensical captions.

Ladybaby consists of a white guy and two Japanese girls. The Japanese girls (as is the rule) wear schoolgirl outfits; so does the white guy. He has a beard, and goes by the name Ladybeard. The girls sing happy Japanese lyrics over a galloping metal riff, while Ladybeard delivers lists of random items in croaky English. Here’s what that sounds (and looks) like:

The single, released on July 4, is “Nippon Manju,” or “Japan Bun.” Much of the information on Ladybaby/Ladybeard is in Japanese, but a Forbes article (yes, Forbes) helped us figure it out:

Ladybeard is an overseas phenomenon that has been described as “Japan’s own version” of American party persona Andrew W.K. On his website he describes himself as “Pro-wrestler, heavy metal vocalist, party rocker and 24 hour photo opportunity.” …

Ladybaby consists of Ladybeard and two “junior idols,” or teenagers pursuing careers in Japanese stardom early in life. Rie Kaneko is 17; Rei Kuromiya is just 14. They add a dose of cavity-inducing cute that balances out Ladybeard’s explosive metal sound.

We don’t know what’s up next for Ladybaby (their debut album drops July 29) but we would not be surprised if Ladybeard someday does a duet, or fights a death match, with John Goblikon.

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