Kygo’s Awesome “Stole the Show” Video: A Closer Look

Kygo Stole the Show

Kygo Stole the Show

The video for “Stole the Show” by Kygo (featuring Parson James) is one of the coolest and most fun clips we’ve seen this year; if you haven’t checked it out yet, give it a watch:

The Internet Music Video Database has posted a version of the clip with mildly informative commentary from director Saman Kesh. We were also able to come up with another couple nearly useless facts for your consumption:

• Saman Kesh tells us in the director’s commentary that the candy on the floor is Reese’s Pieces, a reference to E.T. The lights outside the house and hazmat-suited goons bursting in are ripped from E.T. as well.

• Another detail from the director’s commentary: The helmet was made by Alterian Inc., the design company that makes Daft Punk’s helmets. Kesh says the hazmat suits that show up later are “Siberian biohazard outfits.”

• Kesh has a bit of a helmet fetish—check out his “Controller” short, which he’s currently making into a feature film for 20th Century Fox.

• The house where the party is occurring has a space fascination, as seen by the “you are here” poster on the wall, the lunar lander in the fish tank behind the guy playing the keyboard, and the astronaut and rocket knickknacks on the same shelf.

• The space people are played by Ron “Prime Tyme” Myles, a pioneer of the “Memphis Jookin'” style of dance, and Olga Sokolova, a former world-class rhythmic gymnast.

• Does this video have its own “Left Shark”? A few YouTube viewers felt that the guy in the red hoodie, over-acting and over-dancing behind the spaceman, does some show-stealing of his own in “Stole the Show.”

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