Just a Few Days Left to Place Orders for Interceptor!



You’re in the mood for vampires, right? It being Halloween and all. Well, if there’s anything better than a vampire it’s a SPACE VAMPIRE, right?

Well have we got a comic book for you—Interceptor, by Donny Cates and Dylan Burnett. Interceptor is the second standalone comic Heavy Metal has published (the first was Hoax Hunters).

To make sure you get your mitts on a copy of Interceptor, you’ll need to go to to your local comics shop and place a pre-order. Thing is, you don’t have a lot of time—that local comics shop will not take any orders after Monday, November 2. That’s Final Order Cutoff (FOC) day. Comics shops often use pre-orders to gauge interest in a title, and then decide whether to stock it at all. So if you’re asking the question “Why pre-order it when I plan to go to the store and buy it off the shelves?”—the answer is that if you don’t pre-order it, it might not be on shelves at all, not for you or anyone. (You will still be able to buy it in the Heavy Metal shop, though.)

Your comics shop should be able to look the title up for you, but if you need the ID number it’s OCT151496.

(If you want to read more about how this flawed system works, check out Kelly Sue DeConnick’s explanation.)

But about Interceptor: Early buzz is outstanding. Here are some of the nice things we’re hearing:


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