Interview: Grant Morrison’s Vision for Heavy Metal (Slight Return)

Grant Morrison interview

Grant Morrison interview

Here’s an interesting bit of perspective on what we’ve done so far in the Grant Morrison era of Heavy Metal magazine—and a reminder of where we may be headed. This interview, posted to io9’s YouTube channel on Sunday, is from Comic Con 2015. It happened within days of the announcement that Morrison would be taking over as Editor in Chief of Heavy Metal. At the time, io9 posted a piece about the news that clearly draws on the interview, but we hadn’t see this full 15-minute chat until now. Some of the ideas here were covered in our own interview with Morrison, but like we said—this was all nearly a year ago.

Then there was a long wait, and while people remained aware that Morrison was on his way, perhaps some of the finer points and deeper thoughts were, well, forgotten. People forget things. After all, the first issue of the Morrison Era (#280) didn’t come out until early May 2016. Now that we’ve all absorbed that, and with pre-orders for Morrison’s second issue shipping tomorrow (Thursday), this is a great time to look back at what the man himself had to say all those months ago. We thank io9 for posting this video.

5 thoughts on “Interview: Grant Morrison’s Vision for Heavy Metal (Slight Return)

  1. Hey,

    I’ve been a fan of heavy Metal mag since the eighties. After listening to the Grant Morrison interview with him saying that he was going move the mag to some of a 70’s sci-fi feel. I loved some of the old stuff. The super sex issue I just read was kind of a disappointment,
    Its seemed like it was sex for sex’s sake which is boring. I have high hopes for future issues!
    Good luck with Heavy Metal.


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