In Stores Today! Interceptor #2 and Narcopolis: Continuum #2

Interceptor Narcopolis Heavy Metal

Interceptor Narcopolis Heavy Metal

Two new issues from Heavy Metal comics have arrived in comics shops today: Interceptor #2 and Narcopolis: Continuum #2.

Interceptor #2, which we previewed last week, already has the endorsement of comics portal Newsarama, which included the issue in today’s “Best Shots” column:

The last line of Interceptor #2 is “let’s have some fun,” and let me tell you, that’s the driving force of this sophomore effort from Heavy Metal. Fusing together vampire mythology with sci-fi post-apocalyptic warfare, the high concept of Interceptor is on full display here, as Donny Cates, Dylan Burnett and Dee Cunniffe go straight for the jugular and drop readers right into the thick of things. … [Interceptor has] the sort of visceral pleasure and deliberate design that made movies like Mad Max: Fury Road such a box office smash. If this creative team can keep the pedal to the metal and keep giving us more vampires, more combat, more sci-fi, Interceptor is going to make for a strong forerunner for Heavy Metal comic books.

Narcopolis #2 is hitting shelves as well—check out the preview we released last week.

If you weren’t able to get your mitts on a hard copy of the debut issues of Interceptor and Narcopolis: Continuum, you can get them in the Heavy Metal comiXology store and the Amazon Kindle store. The second issues of both titles will be online soon as well.

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In related Narcopolis: Continuum news, it’s been announced that IFC Midnight will be distributing the film Narcopolis via Blu-Ray and DVD starting March 1! The movie, written and directed by Justin Trefgarne, establishes the world in which our comic-book series (by Scott Duvall, Ralf Singh and Nicholas Chapuis). Here’s the trailer:

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