Hypnotic Time-Lapse Video of Skinner Painting Heavy Metal Cover

Azathoth Invoked by Skinner

Azathoth Invoked by Skinner

Artist Skinner is gearing up for NecronomiCon, a celebration of H.P. Lovecraft and all that is Lovecraftian taking place August 20-23 in Providence, Rhode Island. Skinner will be one of numerous artists exhibiting work there, and what he’s created is Azathoth Invoked! Here’s an amazing video of the artist at work:

The final product:

Azathoth Invoked by Skinner
Azathoth Invoked by Skinner

Skinner describes Azathoth as

a sort of uncontrolled wild motherfucker that can’t be stopped and frankly, is just to hideous to behold!! But I tried to behold him or at least paint him for you to see. There’s a high powered priest conjuring an Avatar of Azathoth right there. Look at him go!

Skinner’s painting will be the one of the covers for issue 277 of Heavy Metal — that’s the issue after the one that is out now, with cover art by a fellow Skinner reveres as a god: Mr. Jack Kirby.

Visit Skinner’s blog for more information on NecronomiCon and artists who’ll be in the Ars Necronomica show with him.

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