Grant Morrison Takes Over as Heavy Metal Editor in Chief

Grant Morrison Heavy Metal Editor in Chief
Grant Morrison Heavy Metal Editor in Chief
Brian Ewing’s cover art for the first issue of Heavy Metal to be edited by Grant Morrison, out in February 2016

The biggest news in the world today is not the Women’s World Cup championship, Iranian nukes or the flag flying outside of the South Carolina capitol. It is this:

EW.com: Heavy Metal is getting a punk rock facelift under new editor Grant Morrison

The article is long and informative, but here’s an exciting quote from Morrison:

“We’re trying to bring back some of that ’70s punk energy of Heavy Metal, but update it and make it new again. … One of the things I like to do in my job is revamp properties and really get into the aesthetic of something, dig into the roots of what makes it work, then tinker with the engine and play around with it. So for me, it’s an aesthetic thing first and foremost. The idea of immersing myself in the aesthetic of Heavy Metal is exciting. It’s going to change the clothes I wear, the way I create.”

Come back tomorrow for our own exclusive interview with Grant Morrison.

6 thoughts on “Grant Morrison Takes Over as Heavy Metal Editor in Chief

  1. I’m really stoked by this! Not just that Grant Morrison’s the new editor of HM but that he wants to take it back to it’s origins again. I was an avid collector starting in the early 80s. I got into it so much that I managed to gather a complete collection from the beginning until the mid 80s when it changed, unfortunately, for the worse. With Morrison at the helm I’ll be watching closely and may even subscribe again if it gets good enough. Bravo on the excellent hire, HM!

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