Get Ready for “Interceptor”! Another New Title From Heavy Metal


Amid the hubbub of San Diego Comic Con run-up, Bleeding Cool caught up with writer Donny Cates and artist Dylan Burnett to discuss something super exciting: Interceptor, a new title they’ll be launching with Heavy Metal! Sci-fi meets horror in this story of vampires in space, and we can’t wait to get the first issue into your sweaty little hands.

Here’s the gist, from Donny himself:

I’ve wanted to do a book about Vampires my entire life. I LOVE vampires. Love em! But, yeah….what else is there really to be done? … One day I was going through an old notebook and there it was. Written in this old notebook was this: “After the bombs fall and the sky is blackened for centuries, that’s when the Vampires come out. That’s when they evolve.” I have no idea when I wrote that or why but it lit everything up in my head again. I started thinking about that world. What it would look like, how it would operate. Out of all of that, came Interceptor. My weird little sci-fi future space vampire story. The heart of the story lives inside of a little rebel girl named Weep. It’s her story. We see things through her eyes from the moment the Interceptor ship lands in her backyard to the moment the mech suit spools up another hurricane of white-hot ultraviolet death.

For much more on from Donny (and Dylan) read the full piece at Bleeding Cool. Here’s some art for ya:





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Published on: July 9, 2015

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