Game of Thrones Season 5 Preview of Things That Won’t Happen

Game of Thrones CollegeHumor
Game of Thrones College Humor
“Khal Drogo my love, how are you still alive?”

What’s going to happen on Season 5 of Game of Thrones? Inevitably, this: Some people will live, and some people will die. And some of the people you’d like to live will be among those who die, and some of the people you really want to die will, unfortunately, continue to live. But what if the Game of Thrones people just said, the hell with it, we’re going to give the fans what they want. The jerks will die spectacularly, the cool people will win, and the people we didn’t want to die in previous seasons will come back to life. That’s what the CollegeHumor chaps have tried to do below. (They did it last year too — check out the pre-Season 4 “Game of Thrones Wish Fulfillment.”)

A word of warning: This clip contains absolutely no spoilers. In fact, if it’s in this clip, it’s probably not going to happen. (Wait, is that a kind of spoiler?)

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