Every. Space. Babe. Ever: “Ladies of Kirk” Collects All of Captain Kirk’s Conquests

Ladies of Kirk by Kelley McMorris

Following the death last week of Yvonne Craig, who appeared as Marta on Star Trek (in addition to playing Batgirl on the Batman TV series of the ’60s), this art project caught our eye — “Ladies of Kirk,” an illustrated book that has already made its funding goal on Kickstarter.

Artist Kelly McMorris has a simple plan: “I have drawn all of the women that Captain Kirk ever kissed,” she says in the video (scroll down or visit the campaign page to see it). She’s producing the 40-page book for pre-order and to sell at conventions. Here are 10 of her drawings with select comments; to see all of them visit her DeviantArt profile.

Ladies of Kirk: #1 Andrea (played by Sherry Jackson)

Ladies of Kirk by Kelley McMorris

McMorris: “As part of an escape plan, Kirk attempted to overload Andrea’s circuits by kissing her. Confused but intrigued, Andrea later demanded that Kirk kiss her again. When he refused, she promptly shot him with her laser gun. Of course, she only shot a cloned android version of Kirk, because the real captain would never refuse to kiss someone.”

Ladies of Kirk: #2 Dr. Helen Noel (played by Marianna Hill)

Ladies of Kirk by Kelley McMorris

McMorris: “Dr. Helen Noel is a psychiatrist working on board the Enterprise. She and Captain Kirk have a history, and she won’t let him forget it.”

Ladies of Kirk: #6 Marlena Moreau (played by Barbara Luna)

Ladies of Kirk by Kelley McMorris

McMorris: “Marlena Moreau is from a dangerous alternate universe where Starfleet is a warmongering empire. In this reality, Starfleet officers advance through assassinating their superiors, but Marlena uses her position as ‘Captain’s Woman’ to protect herself.”

Ladies of Kirk: #8 Shana (played by Angelique Pettyjohn)

Ladies of Kirk by Kelley McMorris

McMorris: “Shana is a thrall, born and raised to fight gladitorial-style games for ‘the Providers.’ … Of all the costumes of all the women in this series, I think this one is the most completely insane.”

Ladies of Kirk: #9 Nona (played by Nancy Kovack)

Ladies of Kirk by Kelley McMorris

McMorris: “After curing Kirk of a poison Mugatu bite, Nona claims that he owes her a favor. Specifically, she desires advanced weapons technology in order to become a powerful tribal leader. When Kirk refuses, Nona drugs and seduces him, knocks him out with a rock, and takes his phaser.”

Ladies of Kirk: #11 Kelinda (played by Barbara Bouchet)

Ladies of Kirk by Kelley McMorris

McMorris: “Kirk uses his favorite distraction-by-seduction technique on Kelinda. To his surprise, she sees right through his strategy and seems amused by it. But Kirk’s talk of human beauty and human love sticks with her, and Kelinda starts to wonder if the Kelvan’s planet-conquering mission is all there is to life.”

Ladies of Kirk: #12 Drusilla (played by Lois Jewell)

Ladies of Kirk by Kelley McMorris

McMorris: “Out of all the Ladies of Kirk Drusilla is the worst, because she literally just shows up, sleeps with Kirk, and leaves. She has about four lines, and we never actually see her feet so the tall gladiator sandals are my own design. Ugh.”

Ladies of Kirk: #13 Miramanee (played by Sabrina Scharf)

Ladies of Kirk by Kelley McMorris

McMorris: “Miramanee is the priestess and chief’s daughter of a peaceful tribe living on the shores of a picturesque lake. During an attempt to prevent an asteroid from demolishing the planet, Kirk loses his memory and is taken in by the tribe, who mistake him for a god. According to tribal tradition, Kirk and Miramanee are married.”

Ladies of Kirk: #16 Elaan of Troyius (played by France Nuyen)

Ladies of Kirk by Kelley McMorris

McMorris: “Using a special Elasian technique, Elaan causes Kirk to fall in love with her, hoping that he will use his influence to stop the wedding. But Elaan soon finds out that she is the one falling under Kirk’s spell.”

Ladies of Kirk: #19 Marta (played by Yvonne Craig)

Ladies of Kirk by Kelley McMorris

McMorris: “The inmates are literally running the asylum on planet Elba II. An inmate named Garth has declared himself king of the asylum, and Marta is his childish, mentally unstable court jester. When they take Captain Kirk hostage, Marta finds herself torn between her attraction to Garth and Kirk.”

The Kickstarter pitch:

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  2. WFDT says:

    This compilation leaves out the two most important ladies in Kirk’s life: Carol Marcus and the Enterprise. I took the liberty of adding them:

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  4. Domenic Marabello says:

    Great concept for a book, and the artwork is very well done. How do I preorder a book? Thank’s , DomM.

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    How do I order a copy of your Ladies Of Kirk book? Please advise.

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