Does This Work? “Crazy Train” by Metal Mariachi Group Metalachi

“Loco…. but that’s how it goes…”

This isn’t our first weird-ass mixed-up music rodeo, and it won’t be our last, so we’ll give you the moral of the story first: “Crazy Train” is a transcendently brilliant song. You could cram three guys with didgeridoos into a Toyota Prius and instruct them to play “Crazy Train” and — provided they are good didgeridoo players — it would have its moments.

This isn’t three guys with didgeridoos — this is a full mariachi band. And they’re playing “Crazy Train,” one of the many metal songs they play. For lo, they are Metalachi, and that’s what they do.

Given all that — if their “Crazy Train” doesn’t grab you, skip ahead to the video below it before giving your final answer. The fiddle player could go solo today.

Here’s live footage of mariachi-fied versions of some other songs you might know:

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