DEIH: Cosmic Scenes From The Street To A Heavy Metal Cover

Havy Metal featured artist DEIH

For Heavy Metal 296, the Street Art Special, artist DEIH does double-duty with a cover image and a story inside the magazine’s pages. In some ways, DEIH is what it’s all about. An accomplished street artist from Spain, DEIH has splashed his cosmic visions on buildings, walls and other surfaces all over the planet. The images DEIH presents are fascinating on their own, and they seem to add up to a universe he’s only starting to explore. Strangers in strange lands that seem like lost covers of unwritten sci-fi paperbacks. Giants who are full of stars like the monolith of 2001 or Eternity from Dr. Strange. Crystals of unusual size and undetermined powers, recalling late-’80s Moebius. There are threads here, there are rules to this world, but the narrative remains mysterious.

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Heavy Metal issue 296, cover B by DEIH
Heavy Metal 296: The Street Art Special cover C by DEIH

These figures and scenes, executed at massive scale (we’re talking bodies that stand several stories tall), have that comic-book look, and DEIH isn’t pretending they don’t — on his Instagram page, you’ll find an early version of the painting on Heavy Metal’s cover, mocked up as the cover for a comic book called “Cosmos,” and featured at an art show paying tribute to Jack Kirby. You’ll find other clues to his artistic evolution — an old Daredevil cover by Barry Windsor-Smith, a long-lost issue of Atari Force, a pile of favorites that includes Frank Miller’s Ronin and works by Moebius, Sergio Toppi and Mike Mignola.

"Lost in the New Ocean" by DEIH
“Lost in the New Ocean” by DEIH

He’s a comic-book fan who went into street art; did he dream of making it into Heavy Metal? Do androids dream of electric sheep? Hell yeah. “DREAM COME TRUE!” he announced when he posted his cover, “You can not imagine how happy I am with this amazing hit in my life. … Most of my favourite comic artists and illustrators began in this magazine, and I discover them there when I was a child. Definitely from Heavy Metal comes most of my science fiction influence that model my own style till now and NOW I am inside with a 12 pages comic story and THE COVER! I have no words just to say THANKS TO COSMOS FOR SHARING YOUR SHINE WITH ME.”

The pleasure and privilege is ours — we are truly intrigued by DEIH’s vision, and look forward to the stories he has yet to tell. For now, we can enjoy the one in issue 296, “In Charon’s Orbit” and these glimpses of others — for more, be sure to follow DEIH on Instagram @deih.xlf and DEIH on Facebook.

"My Stone" by DEIH
“My Stone” by DEIH
detail of Wynwood Walls piece by DEIH
detail of Wynwood Walls piece by DEIH
"Empathy" by DEIH
“Empathy” by DEIH
"Falling Star" by DEIH
“Falling Star” by DEIH
"Her" by DEIH
“Her” by DEIH
"Distance as a Mirror" by DEIH
“Distance as a Mirror” by DEIH
"Use Your Knife" by DEIH
“Use Your Knife” by DEIH
"While You Are Sleeping" by DEIH
“While You Are Sleeping” by DEIH
"We Are the Landscape" by DEIH
“We Are the Landscape” by DEIH
"Peripheral Vision" by DEIH
“Peripheral Vision” by DEIH
"Crystal Dreams" by DEIH
“Crystal Dreams” by DEIH
"Dilemma" by DEIH
“Dilemma” by DEIH
"Sometimes..." by DEIH
“Sometimes…” by DEIH
"Never Let Me Down" by DEIH
“Never Let Me Down” by DEIH
"Encounters" by DEIH
“Encounters” by DEIH
"You Are Here" by DEIH
“You Are Here” by DEIH
"Cosmos" by DEIH
“Cosmos” by DEIH

4 thoughts on “DEIH: Cosmic Scenes From The Street To A Heavy Metal Cover

  1. I dunno if he did the mural himself, but first time I saw his drawing was in Hlémmur (Reykjavík, Iceland)!!! Fell in love right away but had no idea who had done it. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine saw the pictures I took of it and said “I knew you would like that, It’s your sort of thing” lol I was surprised to see his art in Heavy Metal and very satisfied that now I knew the name of the artist to follow on instagram etc. Very fine art.

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