What Was Def-Con 1? Highlights From the First Online Convention

Hey you shut-ins — a fan convention actually did happen last weekend, even in this time of social distancing and plague. It was called Def-Con 1, a completely online con hosted by George C. Romero of Romero Pictures and co-presented Heavy Metal. Romero got on the mic with numerous fan favorites from horror films (yes, George C. Romero’s name does sound familiar) and other entertainment. We’ll start this off with Romero’s conversation with Heavy Metal CEO Matt Medney:

And now… on to the Con! Thanks to Romero Pictures and the Indie Brigade for cutting these interviews to bite-sized bits, for more Def-Con 1 panels and clips, and other great stuff, browse the clips at the Indie Brigade YouTube channel.

Kane Hodder – Jason in “Friday the 13th pts. 7, 8, 9 & 10” “Hatchet 1, 2 & 3” “Victor Crowley”
George C. Romero and Kane Hodder talking about indie horror, fans and their devotion and killing Richard Grieco during Day 1 of Def-Con 1:

Richard Grieco “Mobsters” “21 Jump Street” “Booker”
George C. Romero talking with the amazing Richard Grieco about life, the film industry and GriecoArt.com, Richard’s public outlet for his work as an accomplished painter.

John Kassir – The Crypt Keeper in “Tales From the Crypt”
George C. Romero talking with the Crypt Keeper, himself, Mr. John Kassir during Day 1 of Def-Con 1, the world’s first online convention.

Michael Berryman “The Hills Have Eyes” “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”
George C. Romero sitting down with Michael Berryman to talk about fans, brotherhood, storytelling and meeting Rod Serling during Day 1 of Def-Con 1.

Yan Birch “People Under the Stairs” “Agramon’s Gate”
George C. Romero and Yan Birch discussing acting, Wes Craven and how the universe works.

David Howard Thornton – Art the Clown in “Terrifier” “Terrifier 2”
George C. Romero and David Howard Thornton talking about the indie film, respecting the genre, Terrifier and Terrifier 2, struggling in the entertainment business and what it’s like to become an iconic character.

Christine Elise – “Child’s Play 2” “Beverly Hills 90210” “E.R.”
George C. Romero talking with the beautiful and talented Christine Elise about her career as a writer and screen star.

Ernie O’Donnell “Chasing Amy” “100 Acres of Hell”
OH! You didn’t know that George C. Romero sat down with Ernie O’Donnell during Day 1 of Def-Con 1, the first online-only convention on March 28th? Romero and O’Donnell covered a lot of bases over the course of the 30 minute chat including Ernie’s hard work to open and launch a brand new SmodCastle for indie filmmakers! Check out the clip!

Kevin Van Hentenryk “Basket Case 1, 2, & 3”
George C. Romero and Kevin Van Hentenryk talking about Basket Case, art as a concept and rock carving during Day 1 of Def-Con 1.

Alastair Duncan “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” “God of War”
George C. Romero and Alastair Duncan, one of the word’s top video game actors, talking about Call of Duty, God of War, the acting process and the madness of motion capture.

Scott Schiaffo – “Clerks” “Comic Book Men”
George C. Romero and Scott Schiaffo talking about life in the studio, audio books, the creative muse and the indie scene during Day 1 of Def-Con 1.

Santiago Cirilo – “The Walking Dead” “Paranormal Chasers”
George C. Romero and Santiago Cirilo talking about the indie film industry, starting out in the entertainment business, entrepreneurialism as a filmmaker.

Amelia Kincade “Demon Night 1, 2, & 3”
George C. Romero and Amelia Kincade talking about Night of the Demons, the best fans in the world, tattoos and animals.

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