Coolest Video This Week: Night Terrors’ “So Few Roads.” But What Is Night Terrors?

Night Terrors So Few Roads

Night Terrors So Few Roads

The video for “So Few Roads” by Night Terrors is a pagan pleasure, a love letter to certain horror-fantasy films of the ’70s that drew on folklore of powerful, sexy woodland nymphs and druidic weirdness. Add in belly dancers, a levitating swami, a naked snake lady and tarot cards for good measure, and here’s what you get. Enjoy:

But who, or what, is Night Terrors? There isn’t a lot of informatiou out there about this interesting group, certainly the Bandcamp page (where you can buy this track and their album Wardenclyffe) doesn’t shed much light apart from the fact they’re from Sudbury, Ontario. But here’s a description we found at the Northern Lights Festival site:

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Night Terrors is the demented brainchild of Matthew Beech and David MacKinnon. Recorded over the course of the past several years, it is the missing link between the analog and the digital ages. Created within the womb of tape machines and brought to life through the internet, the project now seems to have a life of it’s own. It often challenges its creators, without hesitation, to step into new territory and shatter the mould of their previous conceptions of what a musical project can be. The monster will rear it’s head this summer to the rest of the world.

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