MONSTER CONTROL INC. Part 13 by Nav Juty

Monster Control Inc.




Monsters have been preying on humans since time immemorial. For the past five centuries, a secret society has made its business hunting down the beasts to keep mankind safe. Monster Control Inc. is the story of these brave men and women who fight for our survival… and the price they pay.

Nav Juty is an illustrator/designer/animator who has worked on a variety of subjects and platforms, ranging from storyboarding, book illustrations, children’s tv and web animations/games to comics. Although he enjoys all of the aforementioned, his greatest pleasure is drawing superheroes and monsters battering the spit out of each other, which they do quite a lot in his comic series Monster Control Inc.

Twitter: @navjuty

Tumblr: http://navjuty.tumblr.com/

For updates and sneak peeks of Monster Control Inc., hit https://instagram.com/navjuty

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