BROKEN – A film by Adam Ciolfi

BROKEN is the new stop motion short from director Adam Ciolfi and was inspired by the cult movie classic The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962). BROKEN tells the story of a damaged robot who attempts to keep his companion alive after a catastrophic accident. BROKEN was an independent production and completely self financed. It was in fact, a one man show!

You can also find extensive information on the entire production at:

BROKEN © 2015 Adam Ciolfi. All rights reserved.


BROKEN – 2015 Rising Star Award, Canada International Film Festival

“Brilliantly designed … a testament to unfettered-creativity.”
Rue Morgue Magazine (#152)

“Brilliant … a practical wonder capable of encouraging even the most cynical of monster fans.”

“The look and design of BROKEN is flawless…”

“Channels old school Tool videos…which is awesome.”

“…a fascinating 10-minute time warp back to the heyday of stop motion animation.”

“…a poignant love story encapsulated within a strange and intriguing environment.”


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