Heavy Metal Will Publish Raffaele Ienco’s “Mechanism”

In October, we announced we were launching a line of standalone comics, separate from Heavy Metal magazine, beginning with Hoax Hunters. Today, at Emerald City Comicon, we revealed we’re adding another title to the Heavy Metal family: Mechanism, by Raffaele Ienco. The book will launch July 1.

Mechanism Raffaele Ienco

Mechanism by Raffaele Ienco

Mechanism centers on a pair of police officers who are working with an experimental robot cop, and the action takes place in a frightening future in which Earth has been invaded, overrun, in fact, by lizard-like aliens.

“The story and art epitomize Heavy Metal,” Jeff Krelitz, one of Heavy Metal’s co-CEOs, told Comic Book Resources. “It’s a pleasure to read and beautiful to look at. … I love how the story challenges humanity’s existence both philosophically and commercially. Raff is amazingly talented and the perfect fit for the new line.”

Ienco agrees, telling CBR that Heavy Metal and Mechanism are “perfect for each other! Science-fiction, hard-core metal machines, the future, hard rain, fog, unfathomable aliens, conspiracy, evolution beyond the confines of the mind, character driven men and women, destruction, breaking the boundaries, beautiful art. Heavy Metal and Mechanism have a lot in common, don’t you think?”

Mechanism Raffaele Ienco

Mechanism by Raffaele Ienco

Ienco also shared some specific details about the comic itself. He says he’s got a story arc plotted for the first five issues, and hopes to do at least another five after that. But he could go longer. “I’d like to do a really long run and create more original characters and a full, rich world,” he said. “The more characters I create the more I can kill off anyway. [laughs] Isn’t that the trend nowadays?”

Within that first arc, the robot, or “mech,” will emerge at the focus of the story. “By issue #4 we’ll learn more of its true nature,” Ienco says. “Before then, it’s mainly the human characters that move the story forward but everything will eventually coalesce around the mech as it works through some… constraints placed upon it by its creator. A tag line for the series is “The most complicated machine ever made has not finished making… itself!

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6 Responses to Heavy Metal Will Publish Raffaele Ienco’s “Mechanism”

  1. Fred Wetta says:

    Sweetness ! Looks great-

  2. […] and Epic Kill, both of which were published by Image Comics. Mechanism was actually supposed to be published by Heavy Metal last year but, for reasons unknown, was canceled prior to its planned July […]

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  4. Looks amazing , concept amazing . Just loved it.

  5. BananaJesus says:

    Why are there re-skinned excalibur’s on the cover?

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