Heavy Metal Featured Artist: Nick Pyle And His Vivors

Nick Pyle, "Later" (detail)

Nick Pyle, "Later" (detail)

In Heavy Metal 294 (in stores August 1), we feature Nick Pyle in a gallery with an interview — if you’re not familiar with his work, you can already tell that it’s like nothing else. There’s a reason for that — Pyle is a self-taught artist who’s actually spent most of his adult life pursuing music. Pyle tells us the self-taught thing “can be seen as a negative or a positive depending on how you look at it. That means I make a lot of rookie artistic mistakes, but I don’t have student loans to pay off.” A lover of comics as a kid, Pyle has returned to art after 20 years away and has been drawing up a storm — “four hours after work every day laying waste to hundreds of sketchbooks.”

Pyle seems to be creating his own world, populated by beings that might be androids, or humans in armor, or cyborgs, or aliens — it’s remarkable that his vision is so consistent without almost any explanation at all. Are there good guys and bad guys? Are these things friends to humans? Do they inhabit a post-apocalyptic wasteland or some remote corner of the galaxy? We don’t know. Pyle has an idea of what they are and how it all fits together, but says he’s not sharing details until or unless he begins putting these figures into illustrated stories. “If I was going to give one piece of information about what they are, I’ll say that I do call them Vivors – as in ‘survivors.'”

For the full interview, and a gallery made up of entirely different images than you see here, be sure to pick up Heavy Metal 294 from your local comics shop, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million or the Heavy Metal shop. For more of Nick’s work, visit him on Instagram @yayitsnickpyle and his official site, artofnickpyle.com. You’ll also find a collection of prints for sale at Deathwish Inc.

Nick Pyle, "Farrier II"
Nick Pyle, “Farrier II”
Nick Pyle, "Long Distance Printing"
Nick Pyle, “Long Distance Printing”
Nick Pyle, "Drain You"
Nick Pyle, “Drain You”
Nick Pyle, "Humiliation"
Nick Pyle, “Humiliation”
Nick Pyle, "Vanta VI"
Nick Pyle, “Vanta VI”
Nick Pyle, "Caretaker"
Nick Pyle, “Caretaker”
Nick Pyle, "Go Slowly"
Nick Pyle, “Go Slowly”
Nick Pyle, "Jane"
Nick Pyle, “Jane”
Nick Pyle, "Later"
Nick Pyle, “Later”
Nick Pyle, "Pay Me"
Nick Pyle, “Pay Me”
Nick Pyle, "Phantis"
Nick Pyle, “Phantis”
Nick Pyle, "See You Soon"
Nick Pyle, “See You Soon”
Heavy Metal logo by Nick Pyle
Heavy Metal logo by Nick Pyle

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