Shades of Taarna: The Strokes’ ‘At the Door’ Is a Familiar Cosmic Saga

Strokes - At The Door animation

Strokes - At The Door animation

The Strokes have posted a video for their latest single, “At the Door,” and we’re tempted to call it an homage to the 1981 Heavy Metal movie. There’s no Taarna per se, but there is a female protagonist who wields a giant sword and slices up some scummy bad guys. There are spaceships galore and hooded figures participating in solemn, unexplained rites. There’s plenty of green glow and there’s a scared Earth-child. And death — cold, remorseless, lonely space death. We’ll pay it our highest compliment and say it feels like a missing segment from our celebrated film. Hats off to The Strokes and the talented animators who worked on this clip:

7 thoughts on “Shades of Taarna: The Strokes’ ‘At the Door’ Is a Familiar Cosmic Saga

  1. Too much sampling of classic Sci-Fi classical imagery to avoid copyrights and shit? No creativity or real evolving vision…game over, Man!

  2. Come on, guys! Talk to Pearlman and Bouchard and get an Imaginos -themed anthology going! That would be better than rehashing the old stuff. Give the old classic some respect.

  3. Love this! The callbacks to the iconic Heavy Metal and Watership Down animated films are quite welcome and well-done, and indicative of the desire on the part of fans for more like it. While Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots scratched an itch for adult fantasy animation, this 5+ minute short points to the potential for a continuing Heavy Metal series in the vein of the original, whether based on Taarna’s adventures (or another Taarakian), Den’s, or an anthology of adventures set in that universe. Heavy Metal should get on the phone with the animators of this short and Netflix and/or Amazon Prime, and get it going.

  4. The rabbits are no doubt a tribute to Gerald Potterton who directed both Watership Down AND Heavy Metal. The video was AMAZING.

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