Ho99o9’s ‘Master of Pain’ Video — from the Pages of Heavy Metal!

Ho99o9 Master of Pain from Heavy Metal

Here’s a super-sneak-preview from issue #295, which will be the Music Special. Heavy Metal worked with the hip-hop-horror-punk group Ho99o9 (pronounced “horror”) to create a graphic short story based on the single “Master of Pain” from their latest album, Cyber Warfare. Here’s a glimpse of what that story looks like:

'Master of Pain' by Aaron Gillespie and Arturo Lauria from Heavy Metal 295

So that, right there, was pretty cool — the song makes for a great story, and we think you’ll enjoy it when you eventually get your mitts on issue 295. The team that put our version of the story together was writer Aaron Gillespie, artist Arturo Lauria, and letterer DC Hopkins.

THEN something we didn’t expect happened: Ho99o9 took the art that Lauria had created and used it to make a video for the song, based on Gillespie’s story. Check it out:

We’ve been uniting writers and artists with bands for awhile now, to produce comics-style interpretations of classic music, but this is the first time we’ve seen our interpretation go on to be the video for the song it interpreted. Amazing!

Be sure to visit Ho99o9’s links for info on the album, and to follow them on Instagram @ho99o9 and Facebook @ho99o9.

Here’s where you can find the team that did the adaptation for Heavy Metal 295:

Writer Aaron Gillespie on Twitter: @AGillespie
On Instagram: @agillespie37
On Facebook: @aarongillespie

Artist Arturo Lauria on Instagram: @mo7och
On Facebook: @ciao.moloch

Letterer DC Hopkins on Twitter: @dc_hopkins
On Instagram: @dc_hopkins
On Facebook: @dchopkins89

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