Adult Site Seeks to Crowdfund a $3.4M Sex-in-Space Program

Barbarella Jane Fonda

Barbarella Jane Fonda

Adult megasite PornHub wants to send a couple of adult-film actors into space to make a sex tape, and they’ve turned to Indiegogo to raise the dough.

The campaign went live yesterday, and has already raised $12,790—nothing to sneeze at, perhaps, but less than 1% of the $3,400,000 target, which they’ve given themselves 60 days to reach. Based on Wikipedia figures on massive crowdfunding projects, PornHub’s sex-in-space program is the fifth-most ambitious of all time, on any platform. If it gets funded, it would be Indiegogo’s sixth-biggest, and the 25th-biggest on all sites. All this for some interstellar intercourse.

Actual production duties will be handled by Digital Playground, and your astro— sorry, sextronauts for this mission are Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins:

Eva Lovia Johnny Sins

Here’s their Indiegogo pitch:

Pornhub Presents: Sexploration from Pornhub TV on Vimeo.

Donation levels are named for planets and other spacey things; those who donate $1 are at the lowest level, Pluto, and a big spender who kicks in $150,000 or more gets the package designated—wait for it—Uranus.

Space—is it the final frontier for sex? We’re just $3,387,210 away from knowing the answer to that question. In other words, we may never know.

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