A Sex Pistols MasterCard: Ever Get the Feeling You’ve Been Swindled…?

Sex Pistols Virgin Money
Sex Pistols Virgin Money
Accepted anywhere they don’t mind a card that says “bollocks” on it.

We imagine the anti-consumerist, anti-everything anarchist Johnny Rotten circa 1977 peering into his future and vomiting just a little bit at this development. (We imagine the current John Lydon just thinks it’s funny.) Virgin Money, a tentacle of the Virgin empire headed by Richard Branson, is introducing credit cards featuring Sex Pistols iconography. The Sex Pistols’ albums, Never Mind the Bollocks and a handful of patchwork compilations, were all released on Branson’s Virgin Records label.

“I can’t think of anything more appropriate than Virgin Money adopting the Sex Pistols on their credit card,” says Branson, “because Virgin Money is challenging the established banks.”

The Sex Pistols MasterCard carries a variable APR of 18.9%. Anarchy!

And now, enjoy this Sex Pistols song about travel and weather:

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